Hi there.​​​​​​​

I am Sidharth, people aslo call me Sid! I am a graduate student at Penn State pursuing masters in Energy and Mineral Energy.

I love exploring new ideas and have a broad
research interestCurrently my research focuses on addressing health impacts of exposure to fine and ultrafine particulate matter, and life-cycle analysis of policies and regulatory reforms related to them. I am also a teaching assistant for three courses.

When not working in the lab, I spend my time nourishing my interest in developing business ideas. I developed a business acumen when I was working at Coal India Limitedthe largest coal producing company in the world. I like to come up with ideas to incorporate my research results in business models aiming at tackling various challenges.

Prior to joining Penn State, I worked as Operations Manager and Environmental Project Manager at Coal India Limited for over 4 years ​after graduating with a B.S. in Mining Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India

I have lived all my life in India before coming to the United States. State College has been my home since last two years. 

I am originally from Rairangpur, India.