Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program                                                                                         (2017 - Present)
  • Performed data analysis, and statistical analysis of unstructured and structured client data using advanced excel and R to identify key metrics for major business initiatives
  • Recommend changes in industrial layout designs, operations, and energy management through business reports and client presentations highlighting recommended changes, savings and payback period for proposed initiatives
  • Contributed in preparing short-term business plan by conducting strategic market research to identify potential clients using online search and data mining techniques
Coal India Limited, India                                                                                                                       (2010 - 2014)
Project Manager
Managed a 10 million tons producing surface mining project
  • Led a team of 120 employee responsible for supply of 10 million tons of coal to major thermal power generating companies in a surface coal mine. Increasing revenue by $78 million.
  • Prepared contracts for transportation services amounting to $60 million. Saving $4 million.
  • Led a project for commissioning 4 road weighbridges. Expanding operational capacity by 80%.
  • Maximized operational efficiencies through continuous process improvement. Achieving 98% customer satisfaction.
  • Successfully introduced and implemented geo-fencing to ensure zero pilferage of coal as a pilot project. The company has implement it in all 431 coal mines it is currently operating.

Environmental Project Manager
  • Stepped up to take additional responsibility to manage a team of 30 employees assigned to specific crews for monitoring air quality and water quality.
  • Ensured regulatory compliance pertaining to air and water and designed a layout for installation of sprinkler system to mitigate dust generation and dispersion.
  • Facilitated development of Environmental Impact Assessment report submitted to Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India for project expansion.

Production Manager
  • Managed a team of 220 employees responsible for various production operations. Increasing production by 8%.
  • Planned mining operations, optimized resource utilization and scheduled workforce deployment.
  • Led a team for risk assessment and developed standard operating procedures. Reducing accidents to 0. 
  • Facilitated compliance of ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. Obtaining all the 3 certification. 
  • Assisted in developing management system for compliance of ISO 50001.

Few Industrial Projects Completed

Market entry strategy for international company in to United States
During Spring 2016, I participated in IXL Innovation Olympics 2016 Winter Challenge with my friend and colleague, Aniket Sakpal to develop a market entry strategy for a foreign company into the United States. As part of the competition, we conducted market research and came up with opportunities, business concepts and business case study, introduced ideas and strategies based on data analysis and camp up with a Business strategy for the company. Our team was declared the Winner of IXL Innovation Olympics 2016 Winter Challenge.

Design effective dust supression system

Complying with environmental policies and regulations in a 10 million ton producing surface coal mine during my tenure as Environment Project Manager at Coal India Limited, the largest coal producing company in the world, I got a first-hand experience on how to measure and mitigate dust in a mine. Exposure to coal dust were measured using personal dust sampler and it was found to be above the exposure limit. Designing an effective dust suppression system to minimize dust generation was an efficient application of knowledge to real problems in mining industry.

Risk Assessment and Standards Compliance​

I studied policies and regulations related to health and safety during my tenure as Project Safety Manager. Minimizing incidences and reducing fatal injuries to zero was the priority. I conducted risk assessment of various operations and events in the mine in accordance with the guidelines of SIMTARS. To achieve this goal, processes to acquire certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001 were initiated and the company was certified with all three certifications. This resulted in reduction of fatal injuries to zero, and the company amended its policy to implement risk assessment in all the mines it operated.

Design, Develop and Establish Road Dispatch System

I commissioned four road weighbridges to establish a road dispatch system in a 10MTY surface coal mine to increase dispatch quantity by 4 million tons. I coordinated with government organizations for licensing requirement, calibration and stamping and manufacturer for services and maintenance and developed a dispatch strategy with checks at every step to ensure zero pilferage.